tantra tradition

Tantra is a revolutionary approach to life that offers us the idea to live life with intensity and awareness. With Tantra we go through life by saying “yes”. It is an attitude towards life, always staying open and alert to the deeper content individuals experiences. It is a state of acceptance where we include and embrace life so that you can expand the consciousness and horizons individuals being. It is nowadays a typical misunderstanding that Tantra is just a set of erotic exercises. The erotic part of Tantra is around 10 % of an entire science of how to reside life. Therefore sexuality can be a natural part of Tantra, equally as natural as the wisdom of how to be happy and healthy. Tantra teaches that things are all energy and gives us understandings of the way to use, increase and refine the force in our lives in all areas.

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The tantric approach on sexuality

Because of the enormous intensity of this erotic union, the consciousness of both partners develops and fuses, at the beginning between themselves and later with the Cosmic Consciousness. The indescribable beatitude then felt embraces things and beings. Tantra can be a genuine and exceptional path which puts sexuality in its right place, recreating the missing spiritual dimension with the sexual experience. This practice expands the human being consciousness to the greatest extent and considerably enriches the knowledge of Man and the Universe.

Managing the sexual energy

Essential in Tantra is to have full control of the sexual energy, making possible the experience of orgasms in the whole entire body without ejaculating. The orgasm and the ejaculation are two different mechanisms. The orgasm comes first having a great amount of energy and pleasure which could attract the ejaculation and for that reason it is a general misunderstanding these are one and the same process. However a gradual training can separate those two mechanisms, which makes the person able to experience long-lasting multiple orgasms, without losing one drop of semen as well as the woman to have deep orgasms without discharge of energy. We could through the Tantric lovemaking increase more pleasure and intensity, which leaves us lively instead of being exhausted.

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How you can experience tantra through massage

In the Tantra Massage the erotic energy is awakened in the controlled way, in which the energy is disseminate in the body and utilized as a way to heal one's body, mind and soul. Instead of losing energy through ejaculation and explosive orgasms, you will understand to circulate and raise the erotic energy to even higher states of ale and be fully energized and satisfied on all levels.